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Sea Wild Scotland (SWS) will not consider a reservation to have been made until a 50% deposit has been received. Any person who make a booking for, or on behalf of, any other person or group of persons warrants and confirms that they have the authority of each such person to accept these conditions and agree to be bound by these conditions.


SWS reserves the right to alter and programme advertised on this website in any way as they consider necessary or desirable, as a reult of adverse weather or any ofher circumstances. Also, if SWS experiences any major changes in cost between the time of booking and the time of departure, they reserve the right to change the prices in accordance with any such change.

Loss or Damage

SWS gives notice that all arrangements are made on the express condition that they will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, irregularity, injury or death whatsoever which may arise or be caused either by reason of any defect in vessels or vehicles, through default of any company or persons engaged in conveying passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the cruise(s) or otherwise in connection therewith: or of any servant or employee or for any failure on the part of SWS or agent to provide any of the facilities normally available of for any other reason. In addition SWS does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays in changes in air, rail, road, sea or services, strikes, war, weather or any other cause.


If, owing to circumstances beyond its control, SWS is unable to provide the vessel or cruise booked or suitable alternative SWS will refund any monies paid to it in full and the candidate shall have no further claim against SWS in respect of this.

A passenger who fails to attend a cruise will forfeit the fee if the reservation had not been cancelled at least 30 days in advance of the commencement of the cruise. The fee will be refunded, or an alternative place on a later cruise offered, if a cancellation is received in sufficient time for the place to be offered to another passenger.


All decisions regarding the safety of the vessel, its tender and all those on board rest ultimately with the Skipper. The Skipper or SWS may (notwithstanding any booking previously made) refuse to carry any passenger or any luggage on any passage for any reason relating to the safety of the vessel or the passenger or any of the other property on board the vessel. If such circumstances should arise, the candidate shall not be entitled to, nor shall he/she receive, any compensation or payment whatsoever except that if a passenger is refused carriage on any cruise SWS shall refund to that passenger any fare paid to SWS in respect of that cruise.

Insurance Cover

The vessel carries full Marine Insurance for physical injury or accident to any passenger while on board the vessel. SWS is covered up to £3,000,000 in respect of any one incident.

Private Property

Whilst the vessels operated by SWS are covered by full Marine Insurance for bodily injury or accident to any passenger, SWS does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to passengers' personal effects, property or valuables whilst on board the vessel or in transit. We would therefore recommend you check your own insurance cover or take out a separate policy to cover the duration of your cruise.

Supply of Equipment

If any of the SWS equipment, which is used aboard by passengers, is lost or damaged then the passenger/charterer shall be responsible for the repair or replacement thereof.

Misuse of Drugs

Drugs or other unlawful substances are prohibited on board the vessel at all times and SWS shall not be liable or respobsible for any breach of this condition by any passenger.

Legal Action

Any legal action or proceedings arising out of or in connection with, this contract shall be governed by the Laws of Scotland.

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Wildlife Discovery

This six night island holiday gives us the freedom to explore the more remote Hebridean islands, their unspoiled white beaches, their ancient monuments, their solitude and their abundance of wildlife.

6 nights
Next Available
6th August 2017


Day One | Sunday

Arrive in Oban and catch the 1600 ferry to the Isle of Mull. We will meet you off the ferry in Craignure and bring you to Tobermory to settle in to your accommodation.

Day Two/Three | Monday/Tuesday

Spending our first two days at sea, we go in search of the magnificent marine creatures that inhabit these waters. Minke whales, basking sharks, common and bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise, common and grey seals, gannets, skuas, fulmars, auks and a variety of other seabirds are also on the list of target species. We will either anchor somewhere tranquil or go ashore on one of the smaller Hebridean islands such as Muck or Eigg for lunch.

Day Four | Wednesday

Today is land-based and you will join a local tour operator who will show you the best that Mull has to offer. Red deer, fallow deer, eagles, hen harriers, peregrine falcons, mountain hares, otters and owls can all be seen from the comfort of a people carrier. You will learn about the natural history of the island as a whole, from its volcanic origins, through the ice age and right up to modern issues facing conservationists.

Day Five | Thursday

Returning to the water we will do some more whale watching while we travel to the island of Staffa. Staffa is famous for its hexagonal columns of basalt, similar to those found at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Staffa is also where you will find Fingal's Cave, popularized by Felix Mendelssohn who was inspired to compose his Hebrides Overture after a visit in 1829. Upon leaving Staffa we will make the short journey to the Treshnish Isles. These islands are a haven for seabirds, with puffins, guillemots, shags, razorbills, kittiwakes and terns, all either nesting or regular visitors.

Day Six | Friday

Your final full day with us will be back out on the water. We never get tired of spending time in the company of whales, sharks and dolphins, and we're sure you will feel the same.

Day Seven | Saturday

Time to say goodbye. Depart the island on a ferry that suits you.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this cruise.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.

From the northern entrance to the Sound of Mull we cover waters to the south around the Treshnish Isles, west towards Coll and Tiree, and north around Ardnamurchan and the Small Isles.

Date Nights Price pp Spaces  
28th May 6 £995 8 Book now
6th Aug 6 £995 7 Book now
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Weekend Explorer

Escape to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull and fall in love with the scenery and wildlife of the Hebrides.

Enjoy two days at sea, searching for all of our favourite marine creatures, including minke whales, basking sharks and dolphins.

3 nights
Next Available
28th April 2017


Day One | Friday

Arrive in Oban and catch an afternoon ferry to the Isle of Mull. Make your way to Tobermory (if travelling as a foot passenger we can collect you from Craignure) and settle in to your accommodation.

Day Two | Saturday

After breakfast, we meet aboard M/V Bold Ranger and head out to sea to explore the waters between Ardnamurchan, Coll and the Small Isles. Today is all about finding some big beasties such as minke whales, basking sharks, common & bottlenose dolphins, common & grey seals, white-tailed & golden eagles, harbour porpoise and a variety of seabirds. We return to port early evening and you are free to enjoy dinner in one of Tobermory's many restaurants.

Day Three | Sunday

Our second day on the water begins with a cruise around the north shore of Mull, searching for marine creatures all the way. We land on Staffa to admire the hexagonal columns of Fingal's Cave, before heading to the Treshnish Isles for some puffin therapy.

Day Four | Monday

Your final day on Mull is yours to spend as you wish; go for a walk to Rubha nan Gall lighthouse; visit the Tobermory Distillery; relax with a coffee along the harbour front, or be adventurous and climb Mull's only Munro, Ben More. Return to Oban on a ferry that suits you.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this cruise.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.

We will focus our search in the waters between the Small Isles, the Cairns of Coll and the Treshnish Isles.

Date Nights Price pp Spaces  
28th Apr 3 £395 7 Book now
25th Aug 3 £395 2 Book now
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St Kilda Expedition

St Kilda is one of the most isolated places in the British Isles and one of only a handful of areas on Earth to hold dual World Heritage Status, recognised for both its natural and cultural significance.

Some 100 miles from the Scottish mainland, St Kilda is home to monstrous sea cliffs and massive seabird colonies...but no people live here. As well as admiring the wildlife and scenery, we will also learn about the fascinating history of this remote archipelago.

The journey is long but worth every second.

7 nights
Next Available
10th June 2017


Lying 40 miles from the nearest of the Outer Hebrides, one of the attractions of St Kilda is its isolation. Due to the distances involved, and our reliance on favourable weather, our journey to and from these beautiful islands will include visits to some of the places listed below. We will be boat-based for most of the expedition, camping ashore overnight.


Our expedition will depart from Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Tobermory is a picturesque town, with colourful buildings along the harbour front and local crafts being sold in a variety of shops.

The Small Isles

The Small Isles of Rùm, Eigg, Muck and Canna are each very distinctive in shape and character. They are home to a wide variety of seabirds and wild flowers.


With the Cuillin mountain range as a backdrop, Loch Scavaig on the Isle of Skye is one of the most dramatic anchorages in Scotland.

The Uists & Benbecula Uist

Hundreds of small islets surround the Uists, which are predominantly low-lying islands protected by white sandy beaches. The islands are known for their birdlife, including corncrakes, terns, corn buntings and Manx shearwater.

Eriskay & The Sound of Barra

One of Eriskay's many claims to fame derives from 1941 when the SS Politician ran aground off its shores while carrying 28,000 cases of malt whisky. Much of the cargo was salvaged by the locals and the story was the basis for the book and film Whisky Galore!

Bottlenose dolphins are regularly sighted in the Sound of Barra, a small passage of water separating Barra from South Uist.

Mingulay & Berneray

Lying at the southernmost tip of the Outer Hebrides, the islands of Mingulay and Berneray have now been given back to nature. These islands are home to hundreds of grey seals and thousands of seabirds, with a few ruined buildings the only signs of past human habitation.

The Shiant Islands

“The Enchanted Isles” are sometimes described as a mini St Kilda, with high sea-cliffs and around a quarter of a million seabirds breeding there in the summer.


The village of Vatersay is the most westerly inhabited place in Scotland. The island is famous for its two stunning beaches.

St Kilda

St Kilda is the destination for our expedition and is surely the most enchanting place in Scotland. It is one of only 24 World Heritage Sites recognised for both its natural and cultural significance. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds including gannets, puffins and fulmars use these islands and sea stacks to breed every summer, and the surrounding waters are rich in marine life. We aim to spend one night in Village Bay, once home to a thriving native population, but abandoned since 1930.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this cruise.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.

St Kilda is, of course, our destination on this expedition. Along the way we may travel to any number of places on the west coast.

Date Nights Price pp Spaces  
10th Jun 7 £1,195 5 Book now
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Basking Shark Encounter

Despite being the second biggest fish in the world, relatively little is known about the basking shark. Large congregations of these enigmatic creatures of the deep gather every summer in the Inner Hebrides and this makes it one of the best places in the world to swim with them.

This tour is run in association with Big Fish Expeditions, who have joined us on Mull since 2013 and who organise shark expeditions all over the world.

6 nights
Next Available
23rd July 2017


Day One | Sunday

Make your way to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, settle in to your accommodation and meet your fellow travellers.

Day Two/Three/Five/Six | Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Most of our time is spent searching for basking sharks. After spotting that enormous dorsal fin you will have the opportunity to don your wetsuit and snorkel, grab your camera and slide into the water to join these awesome animals face-to-face. If the sharks are a little further away then we may spend one night camping to be closer to the action.

Day Four | Wednesday

If the sharks have been obliging during our first days at sea then there may be an opportunity for a scuba dive. We can travel to colonies of the delightfully curious common and grey seals, or we can visit some of the many ship wrecks around Mull. Otherwise we will be on the hunt for sharks.

Day Seven | Saturday

Your final day on Mull is yours to spend as you wish; go for a walk to Rubha nan Gall lighthouse; visit the Tobermory Distillery; relax with some gift shopping and a quiet coffee along the harbour front, or be adventurous and climb Mull's only Munro, Ben More. Return to Oban at your leisure.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this cruise.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.

This expedition travels to wherever basking sharks have been sighted. We have our favourite hotspots around Coll and Tiree; however, we will travel as far afield as Barra and St Kilda if necessary in order to catch up with these huge fish.

Date Nights Price pp Spaces  
16th Jul 5 £1,495 FULL
23rd Jul 6 £1,495 8 Book now
29th Jul 6 £1,495 FULL
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Hebridean Photography Tour

Join us aboard Bold Ranger to photograph the very best of Hebridean wildlife, landscapes and seascapes.

The iconic town of Tobermory will be our home for the week. From there we will embark upon daily excursions to explore Hebridean seas and islands with an emphasis on capturing the wonderfully diverse flora and fauna along with their natural surroundings.

Ewan Miles from Nature Scotland will be your on board photography specialist, providing guidance and assistance throughout the tour.

While out at sea we regularly see minke whales, basking sharks, common & bottlenose dolphins, plus a myriad of wonderful seabirds both at sea and ashore.

We will stop in remote anchorages for lunch, giving you time to discover and photograph the idyllic islands such as Staffa, Lunga, Ulva, Coll, Tiree, Muck, Eigg and the Isle of Mull.

6 nights
Next Available
20th May 2017


The fourth largest Scottish island with over 300 miles of coastline and a wonderful mixture of landscapes. From the rugged ridges of Ben More and the black basalt crags of Burg to the blinding white sand, rose pink granite and emerald waters that fringe the Ross, Mull can lay claim to some of the finest and most varied scenery in the Inner Hebrides.

Noble raptors such as golden eagles and white-tailed eagle soar over the mountains and coast.

The island is best known for the world renowned geological site of interest, Fingal′s Cave! The solidified lava pillars are incredibly photogenic along with its surrounding seascapes. On top of the exposed rock formations is a wonderful plateau of rich wild flower coastal meadows with a diverse range of flora, butterflies and even one of the UK′s rarest breeding birds ‐ the corncrake!

Lunga, one of the Treshnish Isles, has been described as ′a green jewel in a peacock sea′.. Populated until the 19th century, Lunga still bears the remains of historic blackhouses. To the northeast of the island lies the remains of the ruined village, which was abandoned in 1857.

The natural heritage of the island is very special and is designated a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) due to the diversity of plant and bird life. The ′seabird cities′ are breath-taking and provide endless photography opportunities to capture species including puffin, guillemot, razorbill, kittiwake, fulmar and great skua.

The beautiful island four miles to the west of Mull is populated by only two hundred people. It is well-known for its prolonged stretches of white-shell beaches, secluded bays and unique ecosystems which include very rare bird, reptile and invertebrate species.

Just off the spectacular coastline is a wonderful example of completed marine ecosystems with minke whales, common dolphins, basking sharks and harbour porpoise showcasing why Hebridean seas are among the richest in Europe.

Inch Kenneth
Inch Kenneth lies a short distance off the coast of Mull, nearby Gribun rocks. The island is fifty five hectares in area and is Geologically different from the rest of Mull. Inch Kenneth is one of the most historically important islands in Scotland; along with Iona, this island has a significant number of important burials of the Kings of Scotland. The island (Innis Choinnich) was named after St Kenneth, who founded a monastery there.

Inch Kenneth has had a diverse range of owners ‐ in the mid 20th Century the owners were the notorious and aristocratic Mitford family. The island is currently owned by relations to Charles Darwin.

The natural history is just as impressive, with exposed sedimentary foundations around the coast and wonderful views back toward Mull′s ′skyscraper′ coastline.

These historical features provide great photographic opportunities along with their equally beautiful wild surroundings!

One of the four ′Small Isles′, Eigg is another example of extraordinary geo-diversity in the Hebrides with its prominent volcanic pitchstone ridge providing exquisite scenery. Eigg has a very dramatic coastline, including some spectacular sea caves.

Deciduous woodland, moorland and agriculture make up the beautiful unspoilt landscapes on the island along with panoramic seascapes all around, from the never-ending West Highland peaks to the mountainous elevation of Rum and Skye.

Over a hundred species of birds have been recorded here, including golden eagle, peregrine, hen harrier and short-eared owl.

Turn your clocks back 40 years on arrival, this island has a very traditional feel about it, with a small community of around 30 residents. Privately owned, it is managed as a farm, for agriculture, sport and tourism.

Photography opportunities present themselves with the beautiful old-fashioned building designs among a community of solitude and tradition.

Corncrakes can be heard ibn the iris beds and meadows with May being the best month for photography opportunities.

′Wolf island′ as the Vikings named it, has a wealth of wildlife to enjoy, including the endemic slender scotch burnett moth (only found on Mull and Ulva) and the internationally scarce marsh fritillary. Ulva has a beautiful expanse of native woodland surrounded by raised skylines which are often owned by the resident eagles.

We will check some otter foraging grounds surrounding the east of the island in an attempt to encounter the elusive mustelids.

Shown above is a typical itinerary for this cruise.
This can be subject to change, due to weather, wildlife or other considerations.

Date Nights Price pp Spaces  
20th May 6 £995 5 Book now
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Wildlife Holidays and Expeditions

Wildlife Holidays & Expeditions

We have the boat, the experience, and the magical Hebridean islands, where do you fit in?

Wildlife Discovery

6 nights | £995 per person
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Weekend Explorer

3 nights | £395 per person
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St Kilda Expedition

7 nights | £1,195 per person
Read More

Basking Shark Encounter

6 nights | £1,495 per person
Read More

Hebridean Photography Tour

6 nights | £995 per person
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Private Charter

from £800 per day
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Date Cruise Nights Price p/p Spaces  
28th Apr Weekend Explorer 3 £395 7 Book now
20th May Hebridean Photography Tour 6 £995 5 Book now
28th May Wildlife Discovery 6 £995 8 Book now
10th Jun St Kilda Expedition 7 £1,195 5 Book now
16th Jul Basking Shark Encounter 5 £1,495 FULL
23rd Jul Basking Shark Encounter 6 £1,495 8 Book now
29th Jul Basking Shark Encounter 6 £1,495 FULL
6th Aug Wildlife Discovery 6 £995 7 Book now
25th Aug Weekend Explorer 3 £395 2 Book now
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Private Charters

Whether you're a researcher, a photographer, an island-bagger, celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a quiet day at sea, our boat, skippers and crew are available for your private charter.
Recent charters have included
  • Filming for The One Show (clip available here)
  • Research vessel for Scottish Natural Heritage and Exeter University's Basking Shark Tagging Project (learn more here)
  • Filming for Into the Wild with Gordon Buchanan (available to purchase here)
  • Photography trip to Staffa and Lunga
  • 30th birthday celebration cruise
  • Filming for Land Rover's #WeDealInReal Rugby World Cup 2015 campaign (clip available here)
  • RYA Motor Cruising training
  • "Water taxi" for a wedding party
  • Fully catered 3-day cruise around the Inner Hebrides
  • Island-bagging
  • Transfer of the Coll rugby team to and from the Mull Rugby Sevens
  • 2-day bareboat charter

Contact us here to find out about chartering one of our vessels.

Wildlife Guide

Take a look at some of the species we may find during your visit

The Vessel

M/V Bold Ranger

M/V Bold Ranger is an exceptionally well-equipped and well-maintained motor vessel. Constructed in 1978, she is forty two feet long, displaces 10 tonnes, and has fantastic sea keeping qualities.

During the winter of 2015/16 she was extensively renovated from the deck up, keeping the onboard standards high.

  • Brilliant trip, this is our 5th and it was fantastic. Many thanks.
    August '15
  • Although not cheap we saw more than expected. Good, organised, very friendly personel which is good, informed and scientific. Unbelieveable to come so close to the animals. Thanks a lot!
    August '15
  • Very helpful, knowledgeable team wanting to engage. Great day. Thanks
    August '15


See where our recent adventures have taken us...

Tobermory Bay

24th Nov

Tobermory Bay today

St Kilda

2nd Oct

Calm conditions cruising from Barra to Hirta, St Kilda, June 2016

Gunna to Tobermory

30th Sep

Cruising from Gunna to Tobermory, looking north towards Ardnamurchan and the Small Isles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to book?
Yes. Our holidays and expeditions are limited to a small number of guests and we wouldn't want you to miss out.
How do I book?
Reservations can be made on this site or by calling +44 (0) 7771 851349. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure your place.
Is the deposit refundable?
No money paid to Sea Wild Scotland can be refunded if you cancel within 30 days of the first day of your reservation. If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days in advance of the first day of your booking then any money paid to Sea Wild Scotland in excess of the 50% deposit will be refunded. The 50% deposit required to secure your reservation is non-refundable.
Where do I meet?
Our usual meeting point is in Tobermory. Upon making a reservation you will receive an email containing some welcome information which will detail exactly where to join us.
What should I bring with me?
There are some important items that you should bring on all of our adventures...

The most important thing is plenty of warm and waterproof clothes. It can be cold at sea, even on the most beautiful of days, so always bring enough layers to keep you warm and dry.

We also recommend you bring binoculars, cameras, sunglasses and suncream.

Food is included with most packages but details will be sent with your welcome information. Info can also be found further up this page.
When is the best time to see orca?
An encounter with orca is very special and rare. There is a resident pod of 8 adult orca known as the West Coast Community, though they have been seen as far away as Aberdeen. We may be lucky enough to catch up with some of the group once or twice per season and it is always immensely exciting...but unfortunately there is no way of predicting when this might be.
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